Interview Guidance


Congratulations.... being selected for an interview means you are on the road to potential success! To have achieved an interview shortlist means you have been chosen ahead of what may have been a large number of other job seekers. Every employer will have a different approach to the interview process. Your recruitment consultant will be able to provide you with a brief. This may include approximate interview duration, participants, whether it will include competency-based testing, 2nd or 3rd interviews and most importantly is there a key attribute this employer seeks. It may be useful to talk to a friend or relative for any useful tips … they may see something in you that will help!



Review the Job Description you have been given. Do some online research and find out more about the company, its people, services or products. Prepare a list of questions you would like more information about.


Your CV

Review your own CV so you can be prepared for any questions the employer may ask.


How Do You Look?

Different industries and environments will have a bearing on what is generally acceptable. Overall be clean and smart and whatever the circumstances, first impressions count.


Arrive on Time

Plan your route, where to park etc. Being 10 minutes early is fine, 10 minutes late is not!


The Start...

A pleasant and personalised greeting, a smile and a firm handshake will help set the scene.


The Middle... 

Your chance to demonstrate why YOU are the best choice. Be positive and emphasise your strengths. Don’t lie and listen carefully to ensure you can give an appropriate answer. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, this interview is a two-way process.


The End...

Make sure you have all the information you need and ask if they do. If you are interested then make sure they know you are and ask what happens next!


Next Steps

  • If it’s a yes then well done! but sensibly if you are in work then don’t resign until you have written confirmation of a job offer and the terms are acceptable and as discussed.
  • If it’s a no, then find out the reasons why so you can use the experience to good effect next time.




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