Get prepared


Before you get searching the internet to see what's out there, get yourself ready. Make sure you truly understand what you want for your next role and what your core motivation is. It could be that this is the next step in your career or it could be that you want some extra money for that holiday in 2021 (we hope). Whatever it is, you need to be prepared and work smart. 


Get your CV ready, up to date and accurate.

Seek your friends and family advice - honest feedback only please! Click the link below for advice and a template.


Be smart when searching.

Ironically, the more specific you are, the more choices will lay ahead of you. If you search Customer Services jobs in Swindon, your results will bring back pages and pages of jobs - this is not smart. Boolean searching using terms of your knowledge and experience is the best way to get results; for example "Customer Services" AND "Manufacturing" - This would be relevant if you come from a background of customer service within a manufacturing company. Your search should only bring back a few results, save the search and set up notifications so you're informed as and when a role is advertised matching your criteria.


Get ahead of the queue. 

Being cunning can give you the edge. When you find a role you're keen on, call the company or agency and ask to speak with the person dealing with the position. You're now ahead of all other applicants as this gives an opportunity to introduce yourself. Very briefly, tell them who you are and a brief, relevant, one-liner of your background. Explain the reason you're calling is that you have a question such as "What is the CV deadline date?" Finish the call by reaffirming that you're very interested and ask for their email address so you can send your CV to them directly.


Be ready for an interview.

Go shopping for new clothes and practice your questions in the mirror! Ensure you know your CV inside out. Research the company you're applying to and really get to grips of what's required using the job spec. Click below for further guidance.



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